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Reviewer Number 9

"...a show that the world needs to see."

Reviewer - Aidan Bungey
on - 23/7/19


London Theatre 1

"On the hottest evening ever we needed some refreshing entertainment, and this we were given by the barrow load."

5 Star Rating
Review by Mike Stephenson


Fairy Powered Productions

"...a really good show..."

Reviewed by Alexandra Sykes


  1. SUE IN THE STALLS - "Clever, funny and brilliantly is a warm and winning show which draws you in and has a life-affirming quality both in the writing and the performances."
  2. DRESS CIRCLE ANTICS - “A laugh-out-loud look at the joys & perils of modern parenting - an original British musical with bags of potential” 
  3. THE FAMILY STAGE - "whether you are a parent, want to be a parent or have no desire to ever become a parent, this is the show for you."
  4. SPY IN THE STALLS - "Each of the nine strong ensemble had an excellent voice and just about every one of the songs was catchy, cleverly composed and brilliantly witty."

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